Thursday, August 21, 2014

Interesting and Historical Pictures!

One of the benefits of living in the modern world is the fact that for about the last 150 years people have been taking photographs of everyone and everything. For those who enjoy and appreciate history, such resources are invaluable. I've spent a good amount of time collecting interesting old pictures and since they don't do too much just sitting on my computer, I've put them into imgur albums.

Pictures of People -
People Having Fun or in Costume -
Machines -
Firemen and Police -
Cityscapes -

Enjoy! If this list seems small now, it's because I have too much to upload. I will eventually get to all of it, and eventually put captions on as many pictures as I can. If a picture doesn't have a caption, most likely it didn't have one when I saved it. When in doubt, reverse image search.

A dapper Senegalese man, ca 1950

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